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Master List!

Here we go.  Continued self-pimpage under the guise of archiving.  Will be updated as new fic is added to have an all-encompassing entry of lurve.  Fics are listed in order of publish date and all are posted on my LJ [personal profile] interpretthis, save for the one one I like (or at least did last time I went through it).

Prison Break

Home - PG-13 - An anonymous tip-off leads Alexander Mahone straight to Michael Scofield. [Alex/Michael]

Thought Processes - PG-13 - It takes Michael less than three weeks to decide what he likes best about Alex. [Alex/Michael] 

World on Fire - PG-13 - Follow-up to "Disconnect".  It’s more than Alex can handle. And, it seems, more than Michael can handle too. [Alex/Michael]

Sensory Perceptions - NC-17 - Set at the end of "Killing Box".  Alex decides it’s time to take the initiative. [Alex/Michael]

Not a Desk Job - R -  Alex needs help of the sort drugs can't give him. Luckily for him, Wheeler is a perceptive man. [Alex/Wheeler]

Better - R - Set during 2x19.   Alex breaks down and Sara’s there to comfort. [Alex/Sara]

Storm Before the Calm - NC-17 - Alcohol causes problems.  Problems lead to… [Lincoln/Michael, Alex/Michael]

Haze - R - Follow-up to "Panama".  Sucre sees the message Alex left in his name on goldfinch and warns Michael.  Michael decides to switch plans up a bit and reply.  [Alex/Michael]

Hero - R - Follow-up to “Sona”.  Alex has everything left to fight for and nothing at all.  [Alex/Michael]

Resurrection - PG - “Alex.  Give me the gun.”  [Alex/Pam]

Survival - PG - Two men find will in each other.  [Alex/Michael]

Spectrum - PG-13 - Alex is not a psychic. [Alex/Michael]

Harry Potter

Potter's 11 - PG-13 - Harry Potter plans the heist of a lifetime involving the robbing of a prestigious wizard’s bank - Gringotts. (Ocean’s 11 - Potter style!) - Post-Hogwarts - WIP [Harry/Ginny]

The Aftereffects of Amortentia - NC-17 - Dumbledore asks Snape to replenish the Ministry’s supply of Amortentia. The essence of the potion hangs around the dungeon long after it’s made and sent off to the Ministry. Hermione arrives for detention to discover a very disgruntled Potion’s Master with a biting headache…much smutty fun ensues…[Snape/Hermione]

Sacrifices - PG-13 -  Fleur finds a way to keep Bill from the war.  Character death. [Gen]

Beginning of the End - G - Simon's shift at the Leaky Caldron is interrupted by the arrival of four strange wizards. [Gen]

Broken Record - PG-13 - Thanks to a student inches away from being force-fed poison, Severus Snape has his own personal soundtrack playing over and over and over and over and over some more.  In his head. [Severus Snape/Hermione Granger]


Let Go - PG-13 - Follow-up to 3x04.  Juliet tries to grab the last chance. [Ben/Juliet]

Deep Six - PG-13 - Ben can’t breathe. Juliet’s smile doesn’t reach her eyes. [Ben/Juliet implied]

Monsters - PG - Ben liked to think he could control any monster. [Ben/Juliet implied]

Paradox - G - Set during 3x07.  Ben’s POV on "allowing" Juliet to go home. [Ben/Juliet]

Dark Meat - G - Ben and Juliet have had chicken for dinner one too many times. [Ben/Juliet]

Charade - NC-17 - Post "DOC".  Kate needs to forget.  Juliet just needs revenge. [Juliet/Kate with light past Ben/Juliet undertones]

House, M.D.

Provocation - PG - A fun little spur-of-the-moment ficlet where Chase is annoyed and House is amused…[House/Chase]

Vicodin and Other Addictive Substances - PG-13 - Typical House behavior coupled with the angry husband of a patient brings out a strange reaction in Chase. [House/Chase]

Fair Warning - NC-17 - Follow-up to "Half-Wit".  “Why Robbie…just what can I do for you this lovely evening?” [House/Chase]

Love Yourself - R - Chase’s night with House ends with an unpleasant surprise. [House/Chase]

Unbirthday - PG - House has his fun.  Chase plays along.  Cameron…is Cameron.  [House/Chase]

Loving Design - R - House decides to be nice to Chase…in his own special way. [House/Chase]


Impotence - PG - An accident.  [Carlisle-centric]


Speeding - PG - Phone conversation between the boys during 1x07.  Doesn’t have to be slash, but it certainly can be taken as such. ;)  [Raines/Boyer]

Phantom of the Opera

Misunderstanding - PG - But she only wanted to…! (Parody)  [Erik/Christine]


All's Fair - Harry Potter - NC-17 - Post HBP. Severus Snape returns to a Voldemort intent on partnering him with a most hated man from his past. [Severus Snape/Sirius Black]


Prompt Tables

[profile] 7_deadly_sins_  - Ben/Juliet

[profile] 7_virtues - House/Chase

[profile] psych_30 - Alex/Michael

[profile] 7spells - Remus/Ginny

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