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Well hi.

Claire here.  My fic is being mean to me, so I decided to create this here journal in the mean time.  Yes, I've excellent logic, I know.  
If you're here you likely know me, if not head on over here for my personal journal, and friend me if it floats your boat.  I decided to be special and writerly (making up new words already) by creating a fic journal, because I like LJ and I like fic.  So all is good.  A quick intro to my fic is in order...I write mostly one-shots.  Some of my stuff is posted on, but I highly advise against reading it if you value your sanity, seeing as I wrote the majority of it as a thirteen-year-old who didn't know the difference between then and than nor anything else substantial.  And hell, I still can't spell worth a damn, but that's what spell check is for! *smooches spell check*  Just...avoid the work at all costs.  I'm working on a few challenges which I'll likely be posting the tables for, and I write in a number of different fandoms...


Fandoms: Harry Potter, Prison Break, Lost, House, Bones,Twilight

I read in a gazillion others, but so far that's the extent of my written (though not all published, now that I think of it) work.  I love writing and reading smut.  Go figure.  I am also a crazy slasher and a super OTP whore - I switch some ships multiple times per ep.    However, there are a number that I hold dear to my heart and will never, ever ever change...

HP: Draco/Hermione, Snape/Hermione

PB: Alex/Michael, Lincoln/Michael, Alex/Sara, Michael/Sara

Lost: Ben/Juliet, Shannon/Boone, Juliet/Kate

Bones: Booth/Bones, Bones/Angela, Hodgins/Zach

Twilight: Carlisle/Bella, Alice/Bella, Edward/Bella

I've tons more, but it's late and my brain is dead.  And I imagine your brain doesn't much care, so I'll spare it.

Anyhow, the gist:  Here I will post my fic.  If you read and review I will give you e-cookies!  Friend away - the love will be reciprocated!

Ta and love,

PS: Sign up for round five of the [profile] pbfic_exchange2!  You will be loved forever, promise!

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