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Fic: Loving Design

Title: Loving Design

Author: interpretthis

Fandom: House MD

Pairing: House/Chase

Rating: Mature

Genre: Slash

Challenge: [info]7_virtues
Prompt: #2, Kindness.

Summary: House decides to be nice to Chase…in his own special way.  Drabble-y.  Prompt table here.


               On day one (a Monday) of what House liked to deem The Relationship, he let Chase go home early for no particular reason.


                This annoyed Cameron.  This annoyed Foreman.  This later annoyed House, upon the realization that he had a hard-on the size of Everest and no one to bring him off.


                He kept Chase late on Tuesday.


                On day three, House didn’t complain when Chase returned from lunch two minutes late.  Not even a warning.


                On day four, House gave Chase his coffee after making a big show of choking into it.  Chase drained it into the sink.  House pouted.


                On day five, House decided he was getting rather bored of this be nice to Chase thing and asked him not to come into work so he could ignore him without actually being face-to-face.  Chase sounded suspiciously pleased with his decision.


                On day six, House kissed Chase before lowering his own zipper and pushing Chase’s lips downdowndown.


                On day seven, House kissed Chase before fucking him into the wall of the men’s room.


                On day eight, House fucked Chase into the wall of the men’s room.


                On day nine, Chase broke up with House.


                On day one of being Single again, House downed upwards of ten Vicodin, drank six cups of coffee (and a few tumblers of non-coffee), fucked himself (sans wall), and tried to fall asleep. 


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