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Fic: Speeding

Title: Speeding

Author: interpretthis

Fandom: Raines

Pairing/Characters: Raines/Boyer

Rating: PG

Summary: Phone conversation between the boys during 1x07.  Doesn’t have to be slash, but it certainly can be taken as such. ;)



                “Yeah?  Boyer here.”


                “Coyer?  Toyer?  What was that?  I’m an old man – my ears aren’t quite as shiny and new as they once were.”


                “Yeah, yeah, I’ll turn it down.”


                “Ta.  Sacramento?”


                “Nothing.  The investigation was a complete wash.  The trip’s not nearly as bad as I figured it would be though.  This baby’s flyin’!”


                “Yeah.  Well.  Watch out for the CHP.  Bastards love bestowing tickets upon wayward, doughnut-consuming, ah, police officers.”


                “No fucking kidding.  Double whammy.  Same son of a bitch both times too - the guy’s got it in for me.”






                “How fast?”


                “Aw – I pushed the beauty past a hundred – clocked in at one-oh-four – bitchin’!”


                “Right.  Boyer?”


                “Ah, yeah?”


                “Slow down.”


                “Love you too boss.”


                “Good, good, keep that love alive Boyer, keep it alive.”


                “Hey boss, I was thinking about goin’ out for a drink or two tonight.  Pickin’ up a lady.  Or two.  You in?”


                “Two seconds back in LA and cheating on me already?  You’ll pay for that tonight you naughty boy.”


                “In your elderly wet dreams boss.  Drinks?”


                “I’ll pass.  Just remember to come home on time, eat your veggies, and avoid strangers with candy and sharp, metallic appendages.  I see enough of you as it is.”


                “Whatever you say boss.”






                “Love you too.”


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I ADORE how you write dialogue. Bravo!

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Thank you! *hugs* :)

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Amusing, however, I don't really know what's going on seeing how I don't watch Raines. Anyways, do you know anything about tomorrow yet?