Aug. 20th, 2007

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Title: Loving Design

Author: interpretthis

Fandom: House MD

Pairing: House/Chase

Rating: Mature

Genre: Slash

Challenge: [info]7_virtues
Prompt: #2, Kindness.

Summary: House decides to be nice to Chase…in his own special way.  Drabble-y.  Prompt table here.


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Title: Charade

Author: interpretthis

Fandom: Lost

Pairing: Juliet/Kate with an undertone of past Ben/Juliet

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Femslash
Challenge: [info]7_deadly_sins_
Prompt: #3, Wrath
Summary:  Post "DOC".  Kate needs to forget.  Juliet just needs revenge.

Notes: This one's been in the works for months, contributing somewhat to the age of writer's block I had in there.  It actually started as a Juliet/Sun piece, but I've been wanting to slash Juliet and Kate forever, so I switched.  A bit more PWP than I intended.  My first venture into the femslashy world…



Charade )
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Title: Spectrum
Author: interpretthis
Fandom: Prison Break
Pairing: Alex/Michael
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Slash
Beta: [profile] shinyboot
Challenge: [profile] psych_30
Prompt: 18 - Instinct
Summary: Alex is not a psychic.
Note: Written for the fifth [profile] pbfic_exchange2.

Spectrum )
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Title: Broken Record

Author: interpretthis

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Severus Snape/Hermione Granger

Genre: Humor/Het

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Thanks to a student inches away from being force-fed poison, Severus Snape has his own personal soundtrack playing over and over and over and over and over some more.  In his head.

Notes: I do not own “Do You Believe In Magic?” by The Lovin’ Spoonful. ;P  And thanks to Diana Ross for “I Hear A Symphony”, as this struck me while listening to it (at two o'clock in the morning).




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